Opening Hours
Monday to Thursday 8:15 am – 4:30 pm         Friday 8:15 am – 4:00 pm.

Hub Access
The Library is open before school, during break and lunch and after school each day.


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Students have access to over 20,000 titles, both fiction and non-fiction. The Library provides a mixture of goodquality up to date fiction as well as textbooks, revision guides and careers information. The space is used for study and homework throughout the day. We add new materials on a regular basis and listen to our students to ensure that we stock the books that they want to read. Students also have access to laptops, ipads and learning pads for homework and research.


Student Librarians
For students who are keen to get involved, we have a rota for sn9a8180_ossStudent Librarians. As a volunteer you learn how to operate our Library software, issuing and returning items to other students and staff. Students Librarians are also on hand to provide support to fellow students with homework and reading.


Book Circulation

Students can borrow two books at a time – keen readers can borrow more. All borrowing is free and books are borrowed for a 2 period. Students have access to age appropriate titles. However, if students wish to read other titles, a letter of consent from a parent/carer must be sent to the Learning Hub Manager.

Students that have outstanding books at the end of each term will be issued with an Overdue Book letter and missing books will be invoiced at replacement cost.

Book Recommendations
Students can seek advice on which books to read from their teachers, the Learning Hub Manager or by viewing websites such as the Book Trust, World Book Day.

For further information about the Hub, books and much, much more………….

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The Watershed
The Watershed is open during break and lunchtime asn9a8259_ossnd is run by students from Year 10 & 11 for all students. Hot and cold drinks can be purchased along with an extensive range of cereal bars and healthy snacks.




What is Accelerated Reader (AR)?  





Students take an online reading and understanding test at the beginning of the school year and from their results are given a Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD).  This is a range of book levels from which students can select books to read; their personalised reading range. All the titles that are on the AR programme in our Library are marked according to these levels.

The on line test is taken twice more during the school year to ascertain the progress students are making.

All students on the AR Programme have a dedicated lesson every two weeks in The Library when they can read, take their tests and change their books. They are also expected to read for at least 20 minutes per day.

When students have read their book they complete an on-line quiz to test their understanding of the book.  Each quiz is worth a set amount of points which go towards their target which is set at the beginning of the term.  They must achieve more than 60% in the quiz to pass and gain points.  The targets are set in conjunction with their ZPD’s so are achievable for each pupil.  Certificates and rewards are awarded throughout the year to those pupils who achieve the targets set by AR.