Mike Garry (poet) – Visitor to St George’s

Mike Garry (poet) – Visitor to St George’s

Pupils at St George’s were enthralled by acclaimed performance poet, Mike Garry, when he visited them to share stories of his life, interweaved with some of his most successful poems. During the day, Mike led several workshops based around the theme ‘Freedom,’ which is the focus for this year’s National Poetry Day.  Pupils enjoyed some active and entertaining sessions which encouraged them to consider how to express themselves when teenagers can feel so constrained in modern day life.

Bea Tingey, Senior Lead Practitioner for Teaching and Learning at St George’s said  “the main message was that ‘you need words to communicate. You need to read to find those words.’  The day culminated with an engaging and passionate poetry performance by Mike in front of 180 Year 10 students, many of who recognised Mike from his recent ‘Armbands,’ poem currently featured on the Nationwide Building Society television adverts. To their delight, this was one of the poems featured in the performance.”

Following this a pupil wrote to Mike’s agent the same evening

Hello, you came to St. George’s  School today and I honestly needed to find a way of saying thank you .  I can’t describe how inspired I felt, you said all the words I think myself, we aren’t free, we are held back by society and confidence pulls us back. I’ve never been so mesmerised by someone in my life, I really just wanted to say thank you so much’

A true reflection on how children felt after his visit.

Picture shows Mike Garry with Headteacher Graham Warnock, Bea Tingey and some of our yr 10’s who took an active part in the day.

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