St George’s Parent Portal – Xpressions 

Your child’s information automatically sent directly to your mobile phone!

At school we are rolling out a unique new service designed to improve parental involvement that will allow you to receive and view data on your child/children by relevant information being sent directly to your mobile phones, keeping you updated on a wide range of events in close to real time. The system is completely automated and the data is securely extracted directly from the schools information database.

By installing the App on your phone or tablet, you will be able to see information for each of your child/children at St George’s. You will be able to see some or all of the following information depending on the school’s information system:

  • Attendance records and absences
  • Attendance overview
  • Student Timetable
  • Communication inbox
  • Assessment Marks and grades
  • Achievement points
  • School calendar & Website link

Available on Apple iOS, Android devices.

The Xpressions app uses contact details stored on the schools MIS ONLY. Please remember that if you change any contact details it is essential you notify the school. If you have changed your mobile number or email address recently, or since the annual check data check, make sure school records are updated.

School has a standard process to keep records correct so, please contact school if your child’s details need amending.

(Just a polite reminder that we are a busy main office so please be patient for your details being updated)


Please use the link below for details on how to register for our service:

emerge register





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