• There is no charge for education during normal school hours:  8.45am – 3.10pm
  • Where an activity is provided, in or out of the school day, which is not part of the normal curriculum, a request will be made for parents to make a voluntary contribution to cover part or all of the cost of the activity.  However, all pupils will be treated in the same manner whether or not their parents have made a contribution.
  • All necessary materials, equipment, ingredients, etc. needed for practical subjects in the normal curriculum will be provided.  Parents may contribute to these on a voluntary basis.  However, all pupils will be treated in a similar manner whether they have contributed or not.  If parents indicate in advance that they wish to own the product or improve it above the basic standard, then materials or ingredients should be provided, alternatively a charge in advance will be made to cover the cost.
  • Where an activity during school times involves board and lodging or such an activity out of school time is organised to prepare pupils for prescribed examination or are provided specifically to fulfil statutory duties relating to the national curriculum or to religious education, all charges will be remitted where parents, at the time of the activity are in receipt of income support or family credit.
  • A charge will be made for activities which fall wholly or mainly outside normal school hours unless those activities are required as part of the syllabus for a prescribed public examination or are provided specifically to fulfil statutory duties relating to the National Curriculum or to religious education.
  • Examination fees for all courses which the school prepares its pupils for are paid.
  • Where a pupil fails, without good reason, to complete the examination requirements for any public examination, the fees will be reclaimed from parents.
  • The school will ask parents to pay all or part of the costs of deliberate damage or careless breakage or loss of books and equipment.



Paragraph suggestion for inclusion in letter to parents:

“As this activity is additional to the normal  curriculum, a voluntary contribution to cover the cost of your son/daughter’s place is requested.

If the contributions forthcoming do not cover the total cost of the activity, then it will, unfortunately, have to be cancelled.

“For our future planning, it is essential that we know if you wish to own any or all of the items listed below.  If you do not then the …………………………. must be provided or, alternatively, the school will make a charge to cover the cost.”