About St. George’s

Since September 2002 St. George’s has been the Church of England High School on the Fylde Coast, serving the parishes of St. Paul’s, St. Christopher’s with St. Nicholas’ and St. Wilfrid’s. The school has undergone rapid expansion in recent years and the pace of change has accelerated still further. Nevertheless, Governors and Staff are determined to hold fast to the principles which have brought the school to its present success. Those principles are a belief in the worth of each child and the worth of our work as educators in a Christian school.

St. George’s is a school determined to bring opportunities to its students; opportunities to grow intellectually, artistically, emotionally and spiritually. Opportunities to succeed in academic, sporting and cultural pursuits; to work with and for others, independently or as part of a team and opportunities to develop as the individuals they are. St. George’s is committed to aspiration and endeavour, in its students and in its staff. Governors show this commitment and our parishes support and encourage us. We look to parents to contribute wholeheartedly to our common mission in which we are committed to …

developing the full potential of all in a Christian community which promotes attitudes of respect and responsibility for others and the environment