St George’s are planning a course involving the work at Penny Farm on Preston New Road, for the summer term. Recently a group of year 8 pupils went on a preliminary visit to see what goes on there.
We found out about the background to ‘World Horse Welfare’ charity and how Penny Farm help ponies and horses back to full health and re-home them.
We had a full tour of the stables and grounds. All the children enjoyed the experience – especially meeting the horses and finding out about each one and how they are cared for.
Now back at school the children will help us plan our project to enhance the pupils literacy, numeracy and confidence in learning using a different environment which is fun, it is also supportive of the charity and a local venue.
One pupil commented about the difference in size of the horses and ponies – (she said the Shetland ponies were tiny compared to the Shire horse which was ‘absolutely massive’, both were really friendly’). This gave us just one example of hopefully many – this practical situation at the farm can be developed with concepts of mathematical scale and size, descriptive writing, science and art truly bringing learning to life.
Thanks to Julie, Fran and Zoe for a great day at the farm!