An enthusiastic team of four pupils attended the Young Engineers STEM Challenge organised by and held at Blackpool & Fylde College. The challenge was only revealed on the day. It was to design and build a crane with the materials provided, capable of lifting ping pong balls into a container. 

It all sounded easy until the realisation that the crane, just like the real thing, had to be constructed with height and stability. It also had to have a ‘jib’ that could be adjusted in both length and height and fitted with an electromagnetic lifting device!
Lots of problems to solve within the time limit of two hours.  A final tinker and a bit more sticky tape and they had something that looked and functioned like a crane. The team was now ready for the competition, to get as many ping pong balls as possible into the container in two minutes. 
In both heats the St George’s team showed skill, patience and good teamwork, with the result that they are through to the FINAL to be held in March. Well done TEAM SG!
Former St George’s pupils who are currently studying engineering at Blackpool and Fylde College also came to visit during the day to  support and cheer our team on.
Mrs Rhymes (who took the team on the day) said ‘There was some strong competition on the day but we came out the best, we now have to develop and practise our technical skills to prepare for the final, whatever the challenge that will be set!’