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St Georges are striving to improve attendance and attainment. Schools expectation is for all pupils to have 97% or above to achieve their potential academically and socially.

If your child’s attendance becomes a cause for concern i.e.

Under 93%

Frequent broken weeks

Odd Days absences

Unexplained absences

Holidays in term-time (this is not a given entitlement, holidays will not be authorised unless it is exceptional circumstances)

You will be asked to provide medical evidence to support any further absences, examples of medical evidence could include appointment cards from dental or health practitioners / GP / Walk in center or proof of medication.

Children should only be absent from school if they are unfit to attend school.  We can support your child’s needs with medication and pain relief with written parental consent.  In some cases a Health Care Plan can be implemented to support their ongoing medical condition.

Failure to improve your child’s attendance will lead to your child being placed on attendance intervention with the Pupil Welfare Service which may result in Legal Action.

It is a legal requirement to ensure your child secures regular school attendance.

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