CET Membership

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The Christian Ethos Team (CET)

The CET is a sub-group of the Governing Body and supports Collective Worship in School. Within its membership, we have representatives from the teaching staff, student body, SLT, Chaplain, and Foundation Governors.  Pupil voice via the Spirituality Chaplains is also fed into the team by the Chaplain who meets with them fortnightly.

The CET meets once every half term.  It helps set the aims of Collective Worship in School and monitors the quality and content of worship planning and delivery. It assesses student and teacher evaluation and feeds into the School Development plan.  Members also take a close interest in the overall ethos of the School, the teaching of Religious Education and the pastoral care of our students.

Membership of the CET is as follows:

Mr A MacLeod               Chair of Governors

Mr G Warnock               Headteacher

Mrs T Hackney              Deputy Headteacher with responsibility for Spirituality

Mrs H Sage                     Diocesan Adviser to High Schools and Academies

Mrs V Gayle                    Head of R.E.

Mrs C Sergeant              Governor

Ms J Venn                       Governor

Rev. L Tomkinson         Minister and representative of Freedom Church, Mereside

Rev. M Daniels               Minister and representative of St. Christopher’s Church, Hawes Side with St.Nicholas’

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