Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care

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Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care

A chaplain is a minister or lay person of faith who is attached to an organisation such as a school, hospital or prison, and offers pastoral, spiritual and religious, support to those who need it.

Our present chaplain is Rev. Helen Houston.  She is a Church of England minister and can be seen in school most days wearing her clerical collar.  Rev. Helen has three children and understand the joys and challenges of student, work and family life.  As a former hospice chaplain, Rev. Helen also understands the strains serious illness can place on family relationships and the grief resulting from the loss of a loved one.  Rev. Helen works full-time at St. George’s and is part of a group of Chaplain/ Youth-Workers employed by Blackburn Diocese’s Board of Education.

I feel privileged to be the Chaplain at St. George’s.  I very much hope that God’s love for each and every one of us communicates itself through my ministry….  I don’t want any student who’s having a hard time feeling that they have to handle their problems alone.” Rev. Helen

Rev. Helen can be accessed by pupils directly, or can be referred to her by a member of staff.  Rev. Helen operates an ‘open door policy’ meaning pupils can drop in to see her whenever they feel they need help.  Rev. Helen is also available to the wider school community including staff and student families.  Any caller to her office can expect to be valued, listened to and supported; no one will be preached at, although prayer, moral and spiritual guidance may be offered.  On occasion, and where appropriate, Rev. Helen may need to refer matters to the school’s Care, Guidance and Support Team.  It may also be appropriate in some circumstances to liaise with local clergy.

Rev. Helen can be contacted by ‘phone (316725) or email (

Please be aware that Rev. Helen works as part of the Pastoral Team at school and is required to keep a brief record of meetings.  She cannot keep in confidence any issues involving the safeguarding of the welfare of our young people.  Information about harm to a student or another person will always be passed on to relevant colleagues within school.

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