Christian Union

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Christian Union

Christian Union meets on Wednesdays after school until 3:45pm.  It is open to all year groups and is a good way to make new friends.  Those who come tend to be pupils who have a faith themselves or are thinking about faith issues, but we also get pupils coming along for the company and support.

Our meetings always include a free drink and snack, games, catch-up time, activities, learning about the Christian faith and prayers for the world and one another.  We also have the occasional visit from other chaplains, youth workers and ministers who add to the fun!

Last academic year we managed, amongst other things, to hold a treasure hunt, a Christmas party, egg parachuting, wet sponge carrying, seed planting and confirmation candidate supporting; while our end of school year trip took us to Blackburn, its cathedral and the ‘Chocolate House’.  The year before that we could be found holding evangelistic pizza parties and a baptism.

Pupils are warmly invited to come and see what Christian Union has planned for this term.

And there’s more….


Some of our pupils want to know more about the Christian faith.  Ignite is a discipleship study group especially for them that currently meets on a Tuesday after school.  It draws to a close around 4pm.

Confirmation Group

For those pupils who want to be known as and be active as Christians, St. George’s offers a Confirmation Group.

‘Confirmation’ is a rite of passage in the Church that normally happens when a child reaches his / her teenage years.  It follows on from baptism, which is sometimes called ‘christening’.  Confirmation is the public ownership of faith by candidates in a service led by a Bishop and witnessed by friends and family.

The Confirmation Group at St. George’s School prepares pupils for their Confirmation Service.  It takes pupils through the basics of Christian belief and practice and explains what life as a Christian living within the Anglican (‘Church of England’) family looks like.

Please be aware that local churches offer Confirmation groups and  our parish clergy will be delighted to meet you and your child and prepare him / her  for Confirmation.  Should your child like to join the school group instead, permission to go forward for Confirmation at St. George’s must be obtained from your parish clergy.  For more information, please ask the school chaplain.

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