Fifteen Christian Values

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Fifteen Christian Values’

What does a Christian faith school look like and feel like?

Back in 2009 the National Society came up with its ‘Christian

Values for Schools’ agenda which St. George’s, along with other Church of

England Schools, has embraced. The fifteen values which characterise our school

include: Reverence, Wisdom, Thankfulness,Humility, Endurance,

Service, Compassion, Trust, Peace, Forgiveness, Friendship, Justice,

Hope, Creation and Koinonia (a Greek word

meaning ‘Christian Community’).  These form our

themes for worship and are values we try to live out

in our relationships with each other.Many of

these values have overlaps with the values of

other faiths, and, where we can make links from

other traditions, we do.  At the same time we

have a distinctively Christian approach to these values

which is influenced by the emphasis we put on the person of Jesus.



Our Christian gifts cross in the Main Hall.


Christians believe Jesus is the Son of God and God made human.  We give him titles such as ‘Christ’ meaning ‘God’s anointed one’ which recognises his status, ‘Lord’ because he is our guide and teacher in life, and ‘Saviour’ because we believe he saved us from the consequences of our sin and allowed us to have a life-giving relationship with God.

Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, are central and fundamental to our view of the world, so the Christian gifts or values that we espouse at school will always link back to him.  Consequently, Jesus is mentioned in every act of worship, in our bible readings, stories and prayers.  (Please see: and for more information.)

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