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Pupils currently choose their Options in Spring Term in Year 8. In 2018, we introduced two distinct Options Routes that are designed to ensure every child is offered a set of Options that will give them access to aspirational Post-16 opportunities. We know that some pupils will aspire to Further Education at the country’s top universities, others will complete Technical Levels and others may favour Apprenticeships or employment. Whatever your child’s aspirations, their Options Route provides them with the right combination of subjects to open these doors. On each Route, pupils have four Options: Blocks A, B, C and D. All pupils must select a Humanities subject as one of their option choices. The table below contains an overview of what choices were available to last year’s Year 8 pupils on each Options Route.


The optional subjects are listed in the table below.

Students must choose one subject from option blocks A, B, C & D and must not repeat a subject.

All pupils must select either History or Geography.

Pupils who are studying individual Sciences










Pupils who are studying combined Sciences 

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