Stretch projects help to develop pupils’ autonomy, oracy and love of learning. It is an important part of the curriculum. Each pupil explores an area of interest within a given theme.

During each progress period, pupils work independently to research, prepare and practise their presentation. Pupils have discreet lectures through electives.

Stretch topics vary from e.g. ‘cultural’ to a personal project on ‘aspiration’. They undertake a number of stretch projects in each peak, culminating in public speaking in ‘Big Lectures’

During stretch lectures, we invite a panel of judges to score the finalists based on a number of stretch standards including the quality and depth of their research; the clarity and organisation of their presentation; and their ability to reflect on their learning and achievement.  



Stretch lectures give our pupils the opportunity to extend their knowledge far beyond the national curriculum. Each week, pupils engage in lectures from teachers on topics such as history of art, politics, economics and STEM. This glimpse in to university style lectures paired with topics not normally covered in the curriculum, support our pupils building a broad and deep knowledge base.