At St George’s we adhere to a set of routines in every lesson. Each routine has a specific purpose and pupils and staff strive for 100% consistency in classroom routines every single day. These routines allow pupils to develop their learning with no disruption, demonstrate respect for teachers and fellow pupils and serve to maximise the efficiency and productivity of every lesson. 

Arrival routines 

Pupils do not line up at the entrance of the classroom before each lesson.  Instead, they are greeted on the door and go straight to their desk at which they get out their equipment and begin with the silent starter.  

Presentation of work 

All pupils are expected to present their work neatly, writing in black pen, or using green for self and peer assessment or when improving work.  All titles and dates are underline in pencil, using a ruler. 

First time every time 

Each pupil tracks the speaker, follows instruction and does not answer back.  

Mini white boards 

Mini white boards are given to each pupil to encourage them to share and celebrate their work, as well as highlight gaps in knowledge. Pupils hold up their white boards on the count of three to chest height. 

Responding to a question 

Pupils will be selected by the teacher for questioning targeted and are encouraged to address their audience and provide answers to questions in full sentences. This develops confidence in speaking, a skill which is essential for further education, job interviews and developing their careers. 

Exit routine 

Pupils exit the classroom in silence. There are three stages to the exit: pack away and be ready; stand behind chairs; 1 minute of reflection before making your way to the next lesson in silence. This ensures there is a consistent and calm end to the lessons and minimises the transition time between lessons, which allows more time for learning.