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We come to the end of another successful year in which we have had every success, failure, loss, joy and experience that life can throw at us.  It is the experiences of emotions and being part of a wonderful community that makes us so strong.

Once year 11 have officially left they always turn up the next day asking to come back, unbelievable! However, a great indicator of the depth and strength of relationships that develop over five years.  I firmly believe that as well as getting an education at St George’s School you get a life changing experience.  I also believe that as part of TEAM SG you will never forget us or what you have been part of.

I must thank all of the staff for all they have done this year and all the extra work undertaken.  I have also had incredible support from Governors, Cidari and of course my family.  I do wish you all a restful and enjoyable summer and please be reminded:

  • National Strike Day 10th July 2014.  School will be open from 8.45am – 1.05pm for years 7 & 10 only.  School will re-open at 4pm for the production (performers and guests only)
  • We return on Tuesday 2nd September 2014.
  • Year 7 arrive at 9.00am and year 8 – 11 from 10.45am.
  • Please ensure uniform is correct and purchased in time for September.
  • Please ensure hairstyles and footwear meets the ‘Appearance Code’.

See you all in September.

Mr D Berry


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Headline News

Press Release : GCSE Results 2014

IMG_4228St George’s School are extremely pleased with our results in a year that predicted the greatest level of volatility to exams in the history of Education.  Early warnings from Government and Examining bodies of a fall in results and a more difficult process did not stop Team SG recording an improvement on last year and our best set of results since becoming a Church of England Academy.

The headline figure of 5A*-C including English and Maths is 51%.

Top performing subjects are Maths, Art, Music, Health Studies, Geography, English Language and English Literature.

All of this success was achieved during a difficult and ever changing educational landscape.  Well done to all staff and students you deserve this.

Headteacher for the day



Headteacher Mr Berry took his place back in the classroom for a day. Tabitha (from year7) won the St George’s Week raffle to take his place!

She was well prepared and sent the young Danny Berry to her class, complete with her books and packed lunch, whilst she took up residence in the Head’s office.

Having had some time to plan she was efficient, dressed for the part and ordered the important things (lunch etc!). Certificates were awarded for improved behaviour, classes were monitored and most importantly she addressed the whole school to ‘close’ our Commonwealth Games events.

Meanwhile, back in class Danny was having a good time – it was inter-college group Basketball his team ‘won’ and he was ‘the star’ (along with a few other year 7 classmates!), slight height advantage we think!

Tabitha really enjoyed her day and said:

The whole experience was a bit strange at first but I soon got into it and the speech at the end of the day was certainly scary, but I’m glad I did it, it was finished off by a round of applause! I then had to give the winning College their trophy and we all had a picture taken. It was a day I will never forget, I certainly learnt a lot!’


StG Commonwealth Games 2014



Team SG have held the opening ceremony of their version of the Commonwealth Games. This two day event to end an exciting year of development for the school had a memorable start.
All the school gathered in the sports hall for the traditional marching in of the teams. Each Head of College led their team out, pictured is Mr Kennedy (Head of York College) – quite an intimidating figure in his Viking outfit!
This was followed by the flag ceremony. This year (because of the games being in Glasgow), we were honoured with a special guest – A piper from the Scots Guards Band – pictured here with Head of PE Mr Mc.Guinness and the flag bearers is Roy Paisey.
Roy will actually be playing his pipes at the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in a few weeks time. As if this was not enough he is also going to spend a month in Scotland over the summer in Edinburgh playing at the world famous Edinburgh Tattoo, look out for him on the TV!
The games then ‘commenced’! Years 7 -10 playing different sports on a rota: Traditional Athletics, Handball, Ultimate Frisby, Dodge Ball and Rounders.
Well done the PE dept. on a spectacular show, well done Team SG for all pulling together, yet again, to make this an outstanding event at the end of a long school year.


St George’s Mathematics Champions of Blackpool 2014!

Maths Challenge 1st & 3rd

Well done to all for this magnificent achievement. St George’s had two teams in this event held at St Mary’s Catholic College, they came 1st & 3rd!
After some thought prompting long and tough questions St George’s teams did really well against tough competition.
They brought the trophy home and celebrated with their classmates. The school are justly proud of their success. OUTSTANDING!
It also was a great gift for Mrs Allison Kelly who has taught Mathematics for 40yrs and retires this summer – the winners were all from her class!

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Believe, Achieve and Care

Believe - by Spiritual development/daily prayer time/visual signs/bible reading/mentor and pastoral guidance

Achieve - through outstanding teaching and learning/personal targets/challenging goals/SEN support/Sport/physical skills/team building/learning mentors/tutor group

Care - of a shared, safe and healthy environment/considerations of others/”walking the extra mile”/discipline with compassion/community and world view.

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