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March News  2015

A very busy and short half-term before we finish for the Easter Holidays. We are working hard to ensure that all Year 9 pupils get the options requested. This is not always easy as timetabling for a school and meeting personal needs is comparable to a giant jigsaw. However, we will strive to please everyone and feel very impressed by the popularity of more traditional option subjects. Do we have a future Prime Minister in school?

Key dates / events during March:

Year 11 Revision Guide / Programme launched                02.03.15

World Book Day                                                                      04.03.15

Review Day                                                                               26.03.15

Break up for Easter                                                                 26.03.15  (Return 13.04.15)

Please see headteachers news for more of this story……..

Mr D Berry


Headline News

St George’s Easter Activities:

Churches all over Blackpool will be shortly marking Holy Week, one of the most important times of the year for Christians.  Getting their remembrance in early were students of Lincoln College from St. George’s School.  The 120 students travelled to St. Paul’s Church, Marton, and took part in a modern interpretation of the old custom of walking the ‘Stations of the Cross’. Activities varied from making crosses out of Christmas trees, offering prayers on luggage labels,  love hearts and planting seeds.  
Reverend Helen Houston, the Chaplain at St. George’s, commented on the event said that “It was great to see our students joining in with the activities.  Our aim as a school is to nurture interest in the Christian faith and make it relevant for young people.  We hope that events like this will get our students thinking about some of life’s big questions.
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Internet Safety Information for all!

Information for parents and students was available to all on the annual school review day. The full package of resources is available on the school website. Parents arriving could ask our resident experts first hand.
Our ICT team are at the cutting edge of the technology. John Hood, who is leading this project said: ‘We are happy to guide all the community through the potential minefield of the worldwideweb – which is brilliant, but comes with a ‘health warning’ for our young people that we all need to understand. New and emerging technologies occur everyday, we all need to be aware this is happening and keep up with the students!’
Everyone was able to try out the software on our clevertouch screens and take home lots of information.
Please ask if you need any further guidance, or check out the website


Stay Seaside Safe this Easter

With Easter just around the corner and warm sunny days ahead, the sea can be very inviting. However these warm sunny days can also be very misleading with temperatures still very cold at around 10’C and seldom reaching 17’C on a hot summer’s day. Compare this with our normal body temperature at 37’C this comes at quite a shock.

Please see our link attached or visit our parents section of the website for safety tips and advice :


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Monday 11th May @ 9am

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Believe, Achieve and Care

Believe - by Spiritual development/daily prayer time/visual signs/bible reading/mentor and pastoral guidance

Achieve - through outstanding teaching and learning/personal targets/challenging goals/SEN support/Sport/physical skills/team building/learning mentors/tutor group

Care – of a shared, safe and healthy environment/considerations of others/”walking the extra mile”/discipline with compassion/community and world view.

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