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We have another busy period of activity throughout November and December.  We will be welcoming two of our Multi-Academy Trust Directors to school during this half-term.  Year 11 class of 2014/15 will return on Thursday 19th November for Certificate Evening.  We have truly missed them since they left and look forward to catching up on life after St George’s.

All dates and times for events in school will be updated on the website, through emerge, school post, facebook and text/e-mail. We are continuing to review and update our systems of communication to improve our community links.

Please see our Headteachers comments for more on November news

Headline News


A BBC film crew, the Director of Public Health and the School Nursing Team were all involved with a group of our year 8 pupils – filming about the amount of sugar in our fizzy drinks and the effect it has on our health.
The group have been challenged by the GULP (Give Up Loving Pop) group to reduce their intake of fizzy sugary drinks over the next 21 days. They will all then come back and see how much we have reduced!
Year 9 all had this talk a few weeks ago, now we are cascading into other year groups.
School Nurse: Lyn Ridgeway who is a valuable member of the  St George’s team led the discussions and explained to the children with her colleagues the importance of this: ‘Children and parents do need to look at this issue, it is in the National Press and it affects everyone’s health – awareness is just the start!’
The school also welcomed Dr Arif Rajpura (Director of Public Health) to join the discussions.
The film will be re-shot and be shown on the BBC after the 21 days…to see how we have done!


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GCSE Certificate Evening

St George’s held their Annual GCSE Awards Ceremony with last year’s students collecting their awards.
Mr Gaitatzis (Deputy Headteacher) led the event and entertained the students and supporting families alike with his ‘witty repartee’ in an enjoyable presentation – a reminder of some of the great moments in their 5yrs at St George’s.
Pictures show a selection of students receiving their awards.


French Visit – Postponed

French Visit due to leave December 9th:
Meeting Thursday 19th and the Visit – Postponed 
Sadly, following the events in France of recent days together with the ongoing uncertain situation we have made the decision to postpone this planned trip.
We have taken advice from our Government and the French Government; this together with the concerns of teachers, parents and children has contributed to this, measured, response and decision.
Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this terrible situation.

Children in Need

Another outstanding effort from the pupils and staff of Lincoln College at St George’s School this year. A massive team effort went into organising fund raising through the week and over £1000 for the charity ‘Children in Need’ was raised.
Thanks go to students, past students (who came back into school for the occasion) and of course the parents and staff for their support.

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Believe, Achieve and Care

Believe – by Spiritual development/daily prayer time/visual signs/bible reading/mentor and pastoral guidance

Achieve – through outstanding teaching and learning/personal targets/challenging goals/SEN support/Sport/physical skills/team building/learning mentors/tutor group

Care – of a shared, safe and healthy environment/considerations of others/”walking the extra mile”/discipline with compassion/community and world view.

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