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Is it really October already?

We have had a wonderful start to the new Academic Year.  The late ‘Indian Summer’ and continued improvement seen in school, gives the place a real “buzz”.  I have often said how proud I am to be the Headteacher at St George’s School.

This fact, I am constantly reminded of on a daily basis.  The clear ethos that pervades across school, the high standards of courtesy and respect, outstanding uniform, shared support and a clear focus from all staff and pupils to make us the best we can possibly be.

We have worked extremely hard on our reputation and changing the view of the old St George’s.   This was clearly evident on Open Evening when we welcomed a record number of visitors.  We have clearly become the school of choice as more than a thousand visitors rocked up.

For more on this story please visit our headteachers comments.

Headline News

Admissions Advice for September 2016

Key date is by 20th November the applications have to be forwarded to school.

Monday 7th September 2015


On-line application system goes live and paper application
forms/brochures are made available


Saturday 31st October 2015


Closing date for secondary applications 


Friday 6th November 2015


Primary schools/academies to forward any paper application forms to the School Admissions Team


Friday 20th November 2015


Preferences to be exchanged between admissions authorities


Friday 11th December 2015


Ranked lists from Voluntary Aided schools/academies to be returned to the School Admissions Team


 Friday 12th February 2016


Offers to be confirmed with other admissions authorities.


Monday 22nd February 2016


Final lists of allocated pupils to be sent to all schools


 Tuesday 1st March 2016


Notification of allocated school is sent to every Blackpool applicant


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Our Mission


Believe, Achieve and Care

Believe - by Spiritual development/daily prayer time/visual signs/bible reading/mentor and pastoral guidance

Achieve - through outstanding teaching and learning/personal targets/challenging goals/SEN support/Sport/physical skills/team building/learning mentors/tutor group

Care – of a shared, safe and healthy environment/considerations of others/”walking the extra mile”/discipline with compassion/community and world view.

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