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Can anyone stop Lincoln winning a second Challenge Cup?
We have started the new half term with a special service to commemorate All Souls on Monday 3rd November.
We continue the hectic start by providing support for the visit of the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu to Blackpool Tower.  Year 11 Senior Prefects have been proudly selected to represent Blackburn Diocese in support of the event.  Our main theme during this busy and exciting time of the year are Remembrance, Peace, Respect, Reverence, Advent and Waiting, Thankfulness and Christmas Gifts.
Please see our Headteachers Comments for November, as we finish by remembering those that have fallen serving this Country.

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Mr.Berry – Anti-Bullying Week Challenge.

To Mr Berry,
We accepted your challenge this morning and have worked together to create our anti-bullying rap. We each contributed a line to each verse of the song and are really happy with the message it puts across. We have sent you the lyrics we came up with.
We hope you like it.
From 9E5 Music class


Can’t you see?
Can’t you see that bullying hurts?
Why do you treat me like a piece of dirt?
Hey mister bully I don’t know what I’ve done,
When all I want to do is to have some fun.
I go home each day, upset with myself,
I feel like I’ve been put on the highest shelf.
I wake up every day, don’t want to leave my room,
I don’t know what to do, the day can’t end too soon.
I’m crying inside, I just want to hide,
All that pain and those lies.
I’m pulling back like a riptide,
I sit in my room and my eyes just cry.
Hey mister bully take a look at yourself,
What makes you think that you’re so great?
Hey mister bully have you looked in the mirror?
All I really wish is that we could be mates.
Think about them before you make that choice,
Think about that person, we all have a voice.
There’s someone on the end of the comments that we say,
That may go home and cry at the end of the day.
by 9E5


The High Sheriff of Lancashire visits St George’s

The High Sheriff of Lancashire visits St George’s and presented inaugural Headteacher’s Colours to outstanding members of the school community.

Barry Johnson, Lancashire’s current High Sheriff came to school dressed in his full regalia to tell the children about his role and present the awards. The children were fascinated by his description of the work he does and how it dated back in history.

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Diana Ambassadors: Anti – Bullying Conference

Anti Buying conference
This event was run in partnership with Facebook and Blackpool Council was held at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool. St George’s Anti-Bullying Ambassadors shared ideas and techniques to deal with bullying with over 300 students from other schools around the North West of England. Panellists, for their questions, included two ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ finalists, Lucy Kay & Leondre, (who is the other half of Bars and Melody)and Emily Middlemas from the ‘X Factor’. 
In school we have Mentors and Teachers available working with the Ambassadors. There are easy links to the various helpline websites, the ‘Sharp’ system of reporting and a ‘quick link’ every time a child is logged into the school computer system (at home, mobile or at school) called the ‘Worried’ button. 
The photo shows the various business groups who are supporting work and our students at the conference. The following link gives more information for students and their families. 

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Believe, Achieve and Care

Believe - by Spiritual development/daily prayer time/visual signs/bible reading/mentor and pastoral guidance

Achieve - through outstanding teaching and learning/personal targets/challenging goals/SEN support/Sport/physical skills/team building/learning mentors/tutor group

Care – of a shared, safe and healthy environment/considerations of others/”walking the extra mile”/discipline with compassion/community and world view.

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