At St. George’s School, we recognise that every pupil in our care is unique, bringing with them a diverse range of intelligence and abilities. We value academic excellence and believe that the learning of all our pupils should enable them, regardless of socio-economic background, to access the very best universities and educational opportunities in the land.


We promote a curriculum that reflects the needs of all our pupils, including those who are potential high achievers. Stretch and challenge is evident in every classroom where aspiration is woven into all teaching and learning and a ‘no excuse’ culture is prevalent.


Many opportunities exist to further particular abilities inside and outside of the academy through a range of opportunities at lunch-time clubs as well as our extensive ‘Elective’ programme where our pupils can participate and excel in a range of sporting, academic, musical and vocational immersive experiences. Our High Achievers Policy has been written as a result of current academic research and an absolute commitment to promoting scholastic endeavour to every pupil in our academy community at every stage of their learning. We believe that every pupil, adopting the right mind-set and in a challenging, stimulating environment, has the ability to go beyond their best. 


The “very able” can be described as “those pupils who demonstrate exceptionally high-level performance, whether across a range of endeavours or in a limited field.” Equally, most experts agree that whilst intelligence and other cognitive factors are reliable indicators, high levels of aptitude and dedication are also important keys to success. We believe that “potential” for every pupil is limitless rather than determined by innate ability. Therefore, High Achievers at St. George’s are identified in terms of academic success and progress made through effort and commitment.

High Achievers