• All our pupils are individuals in their own right and have tremendous strengths and qualities; this makes our school such a vibrant and exciting place to be
  • A proportion of our pupil community achieved SATs results at the end of Key Stage 2 that place them in the top performing collection of pupils in the country (sometimes referred to as ‘most able’ or ‘High Achievers’; this is an achievement our school must recognise and appreciate.
  • Where we believe every pupil is an individual, we have a duty to ensure that those who join the school with this level of ability are motivated and inspired to maintain and exceed this level of performance.
  • Therefore, our school is committed to challenge every pupil in the school so that all pupils -regardless of their starting point at secondary school – can achieve their goals.
  • We believe in potential; we believe that every pupil deserves to be challenged, in order to meet or exceed their potential.


  • Focus on providing high quality, challenging and inspiring lessons every day for our pupils.
  • Ensure we establish high expectations for all our pupils in relation to how they approach their school life.
  • Inspire pupils to become fascinated and excited with the process of learning.
  • Knowing our pupils and their individual needs – celebrating success and providing support.
  • Provide a range of fantastic extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities that help create rounded, culturally rich individuals.