We are very proud of our pupils, and place a strong strict but warm culture and ethos at the top of our priorities. Pupils are free to learn, uninterrupted by unnecessary distractions, because we operate a strict approach to discipline. This ensures our pupils develop good learning habits: The ‘SG’ Way, necessary to be successful, independent adults. Whilst we are focussed on academic outcomes, St George’s caring Christian ethos allows us we know all of our pupils as individuals and build strong relationships with families.  Our key drivers for improvement are:

  • THE BEST FROM EVERYONE- Accurate pupil information which is underpinned by rigorous assessment and supports the ability to differentiate and respond with pace to individual pupils’ needs, securing strong outcomes for all groups.
  • LEADERSHIP IN EVERY ROLE – Academic excellence will be everyone’s business and powerful knowledge/understanding through CPD will be used to inspire a passion for deeper learning.
  • CONTINOUS IMPROVEMENT - We continuously look outwards, using evidence informed research to improve performance and professionally developing all the staff no matter of their role or position in the Academy.
  • STRONG FOCUS ON KNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTANDING AND APPLICATION OF THE CURRICULUM - Delivery of quality schemes of work which effectively support individual pupil need through the identification and removal of barriers through high quality feedback and robust and targeted reteach.
  • EDUCATION WITH CHARACTER (WELL ROUNDED PUPILS) – Our Christian ethos and rigorous pastoral systems work together to support positive behaviours ensuring pupils arrive to lessons ready for learning, positive parental engagement and an aspirational culture.  Pupils receive a great well rounded education.