St George’s School is committed to the education of children across the age range and ability range, and this includes those with Special Educational needs and disability (SEND).  All staff recognise and contribute to the inclusion and achievement of pupils on roll.  No staff or department has exclusive care and responsibility for specific children, however the support given to those with SEND are overseen by the Schools SENDCO.

St George’s school recognises the importance of early identification and intervention in order to address the needs of SEND pupils, as identified in the Special Education Needs and Disability Code of practice:0-24 years (2014). The school works closely with Primary colleagues to ensure that intervention which has already been put into place continues with the pupil into their High School career.

St George’s school supports and has supported pupils with moderate learning difficulties, specific learning difficulties, hearing impairment, visual impairment, autistic spectrum conditions, Speech, Language and communication difficulties, physical difficulties, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

A range of approaches to develop independent learning are used to ensure a measure of challenge and support for SEND pupils and these can include; Class teachers’ expertise, small group work, additional intervention work, 1:1 or additional support in lessons.

It is acknowledged that all staff have responsibility for SEND pupils, but school believes that forming a positive partnership with parents is key to ensuring success for the education of all SEND pupils.

Every SEND pupil has a bespoke Pastoral support plan tailored to their individual needs.




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