Information for Candidates
Please ensure all pupils read and understand the "Information for candidates" booklet.
Conduct and behaviour in exams
You must follow exam regulations at all times
• Be silent from the moment you enter the exam room until you leave
• Do not talk to any other pupil
• Do not turn around – you must face the front at all times
• Mobile phones and electronic devices should be switched off and placed in your bag
• Watches should be removed and placed in your bag
• Drinks bottle should be clear and not have any labels on them.
• Pencil cases must also be clear/transparent.

The rules governing the use of mobile phones and electronic devices are very strict and a failure to observe them may result in a candidate being disqualified from a unit, subject or series of examinations. They specify that mobile ’phones, iPods, MP3/4 players, smartwatches and other potential technological/web enabled sources of information are not permitted in examinations and should not be in the possession of pupils during exams.  Ordinary wrist watches are now also completely banned in exams.

We reiterate the rules very clearly to pupils in assemblies/classes etc.  We also state it as the pupils walk into exams and signs are also clearly displayed in our exam venues as a further reminder. Pupils are always asked to leave their phones switched off (and other electronic devices) and place them in their bags before they enter the sports hall and other rooms used for exams. If pupils have phones that cannot be switched off, it is inadvisable to have them in school during the exam period. If pupils fail to comply with these rules, sanctions will be imposed and parents contacted.


We appreciate the support of parents in ensuring that pupils comply with these regulations. Please note that exams are marked by external exam boards and students must use their legal name. For internal exams, preferred names can be used. If you wish to change your child's name please do this before your child enters Y10 and begins to sit their final exams; please ensure that paperwork for this is provided to the school office. Should you have any queries surrounding this, or exams, please email STGexams@cidari.co.uk

Exam Information