September 2021 Menus


All pupils sit and eat their break and lunch together in their respective Form Groups. At St George’s all our colleagues believe in developing the whole child in addition to their academic skills. Our Christian values can be seen in action at meal times.  Break and Lunch is the perfect time to teach our pupils how to be good, right and true in practice and on a daily basis.


Instead of a traditional school canteen culture where pupils can sometimes leave their trays behind, expecting an anonymous cleaner to clean up after them, at St George’s, pupils do not only clean up after themselves. They clean up after each other. They demonstrate kindness and a sense of responsibility – acting in a good, right and true manner fitting with our Christian ethos.  We start each lunch with the Grace.


Pupils have specific roles at both Family Break and Lunch. At the end of lunch different pupils will take responsibility for cleaning their area.  No table of pupils will be allowed to leave and go to play outside or back to lessons without having their area inspected and passed by a teacher or another member of staff.


We use these times together in a very similar fashion to a traditional assembly. Students will walk into the refectory calmly and in silence and then be addressed by a member of the staff body – usually a senior leader who will use a microphone to ensure each meal time is a special occasion whatever the day and a stimulating time away from the learning room.


All our teachers  sit and eat with the pupils and we encourage any guests to join us for breakfast or lunch.  Adults can play an important role in modelling the art of conversation and good manners at the dinner table. Students are encouraged to speak correctly and in full sentences and reflect on their learning for the day or wider issues both locally and nationally.


At the end of each serving appreciations are held and students are encouraged to be kind, respectful and thankful of others as they go about their daily life in the Academy.