At St George’s, we build a partnership between parents, pupils, and teachers that puts learning first. We help our students to value learning by activating them as owners of their own learning.

Our teachers are passionate about teaching and learning; they are able to present challenging learning tasks. Their expertise allows them to 'read' their classrooms and to be more responsive to learners. They are extremely flexible and take every opportunity to maximise learning. They are great seekers and users of feedback.

We firmly believe that low stakes quizzing & assessment is the bridge between teaching and learning. Therefore, every lesson at St George’s will show evidence of the following steps

  • AFL/revision and retrieval of the knowledge
  • Extension
  • Review and reteach
  • New material
  • Guided practice
  • Independent practice
  • Identify misconceptions and address immediately.
  • Review
  • Make links explicit

In our classrooms and in our schemes of work and lessons plans, we value knowledge, skills and understanding.

As one of our key drivers is Autonomy, teachers are free to teach as they want as long as pupils learn and make progress. However, we do expect a few core strategies to be embraced by every teacher in every lesson – for example, a No Hands Up rule to ensure all questions are targeted and all pupils are engaged.

The learning hub is open to students before, during and after the normal academy day for homework support and independent study / reading.